WITHOUT- A Street Girls Tale

All they saw was a street girl without roots.
Without hope, without a future.
Without rights, to be violated.
Without parents, to be disregarded
Without opinions, to be shut up.
Without a voice, to be heard.
Without virtue, to be immoral.
Without job security, to be protected.
Without an Education, to remain ignorant.
Without a place in society.

I am that street girl.
Now with so much hope the future fringes.
With new found motherhood I wax in the regards of my children.
With a voice so loud it reverberates throughout the world like the screams of Drogon for his mother - Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.
An upholder of human rights not consumed with the power that lies within me.
With so much opinions at the table that you would call me the opinion poll.
With a new found virtue that I am called the proverbs 31 woman.
Now I am the Chief Security Officer in charge of offering and providing job security to over 1,000 people.
I am that street girl with so many degrees and certif…



DEAR ALEX: A Tribute

For all the pictures on the gram I didn’t like. For all the goofy comments I didn’t post . For all the phone calls I never made. For all the hurts that I never forgave. For all the times I never reached out. For all the times I put a wall up so you could never reach me. For all the times I thought you’d never leave me. For all the times I took your love for granted. For all the times I took advantage of your friendship. For all the times I’d never hear your voice because you’re gone. I grieve ! 
The Curse
I thought we’d grow old together  Remember how we said that we’d be funky grandparents sitting down on our pouch by the beach, Skyping each other and gossiping about our grand kids and their crushes. How we talked about lighting up the stage with our fine acts. How you wrote me a letter telling me this friendship was for eternity.  What do I do with all these failed promises ? How do I cope with this vacuum? I dare not open my photo album, because your pictures are splashed all over. I remember how …

The Curse


THE ROBBERY - A real life experience

IT WAS LIKE ANY OTHER DAY, I was in my final year in the University and like any other individual in their final year I had a lot of pressure from my project, need to graduate with my class and the euphoria of life after school all came flooding into my daily routine. I 

Anyway back to that day, I hadn’t been feeling too well as I was overly stressed from the final year week activities which had just ended the weekend before plus exams were in a few days. I was home resting when Fred came over at noon, we had been friends for a little over 2 months and he had been awesome. Checking up on me when necessary and calling my phone out and do not over think it, we were just friends or should I say we are just friends considering this is over a year later and we constantly keep in touch. Where was I? Oh yes Fred came over and I complained to him that I needed to go grocery shopping as my house was empty and exams were in a few days but I was too exhausted to go alone. He offered to take me …

Ice Cream; An Environmental Hazard